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sue hall has latest now. we're going begin abc 7's vic lee. >> and and it's been a long day for investigate skbrorz they've been on that freeway all day long z who is the driver. and why did he shoot the officer? >> there are many unanswered questions. why was the officer car parked in front of the suspect's jeep? normally they pull up behind cars they stop. but the car did have one device that may help investigators answer questions. >> we do have video we're going to analyze to see what happened. >> chp is withholding names but told horters -- reporters he's based in the contra costa county field office in martinez. >> taken to john muir medical
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center and said to be in critical condition at this time. >> the shooting happened at about 8:20 this morning in alamo on southbound interstate 680. investigators say the exchange of gunfire occurred after the officer made a traffic stop on a jeep. a second officer in another patrol car was also on the scene. here is sheriffs spokesman jimmy lee. >> first officer did make contact with the driver. and shortly thereafter, the driver pulled out a gun, and shot at the officer and then, the second officer discharged weapon autos that second officer fatally wounded a suspect. the chp says a passing driver called 911 saying that an officer needed help. here is a portion of the radio communication between dispatch and a responding officer. >> there is a just said
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officer is down. >> both officer and suspect were taken to john muir hospital. the suspect died there. >> this is a the tail end of the morning commute. it happened and there were a number of eye witness who's remained on the scene. >> the highway emptied while investigators from numerous agencies, chp and sheriff's department and district attorney gathered evidence. and police were looking for a female driver of a black nissan and thought there was never car involved but it turned out that they were wrong. the suspect, now dead acted alone. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and there is a vick yil being held by family and friends z abc 7 news joins us from john muir medical center
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in walnut creek. >> this has been a difficult and emotional day here, we're at john muir. there is a mood of deep sorrow. the officer put on life support. the chp tells us he's being kept alive for family and friends. a lot of people believe to be family family and friends were making their way here to the hospital to see the wounded officer. the patrol public affairs office tells abc 7 news the officer did suffer a fatal wound receivered his spinal cord. the sarnlent choked up when describing a crowded scene inside, loved ones filling the hospital hallways. >> when you have a critical incident, feelings need to be expressed and that kind of thing needs to take place. so we can take care of ourselves and go back out
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there understanding that you know, tomorrow may be my turn or someone else's turn. so... just that. we have to take care of ourselves today to face tomorrow. >> and there is various tweets this afternoon a tweet claiming chp officer succumbed to his wounds that. is not the case sargeant mcdermott told us that tweet was sent prematurely by chp border office in san diego. >> there is social media, everybody is caring and everybody want to know and to share information. we want to share the morning and it's just came out prematurely the officer is critical. >> and that is the information i have. >> chp tells us there is no expectation for the officer to survive, they're here from not
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only chp but sheriff's office and nearby cities. the mood is very somber. it will be up to doctors and the families to decide when to take the officer off life support. a very difficult day here. >> thank you very much and all but one lane of interstate 680 is closed right now. there is a live picture of the scene. it's crawling in that one direction. and there is a look at how this stretches. sue? i've been here all day long. reporting starting at 8:20 this, is the southbound 680 direction coming through walnut creek. this is northbound moving
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well. there is by a map here, that you've got slow traffic and you're alternate routes take a look at abc 7's waze app this is danville boulevard and pleasant hill road another route for you down towards olympic that is demper to bumper. police saying please avoid that area, still, chp hoping to have one right lane lane that is clesed open so we'll update that as soon as we get it here on abc 7 news. >> thank you very much and our exclusive waze app can help you navigate around traffic jams.
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and that could help you get around, sm. our coverage does not stop here, later in this newscast, stay with us because we're going to look at the gridlock this caused more closely. people caught in traffic for hours and the unusual sites drivers say they had before and never seen before. stay with us for that later in the hour. >> there is a family of a man killed on sunday is demanding a meeting with the chief. the family of the 23-year-old went to the office of the mayor to deliver a letter asking for a face-to-face meeting with both chief and mayor. and he was killed while in a car, police say he pulled out what appeared to be a gun when officer as approached him, they fired 30 times and killed him. >> still i feel that an execution and unjust. and i feel that there is a lack of training on this police department here. >> the firearm roamero was
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carrying was a pellet gun. police release aid picture with a photo of a ber yetta handgun to show the similarities. >> and a san jose firefighter suffered a heart attack battling a church fire woke up from a medically-induce koima saying is he starting to move and is talking, recognizing family and friends, all very encouraging z ryan is still in intensive care unit but started to show signs of improvement and many of the co-workers have been by his side. his crews put out a fire. >> the two year anniversary of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion is some this sunday. the assemblyman jerry skmil survivors gathered for a progress report on legislation and the neighborhood. heather?
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>> people live here in the politician who's represent them say it's too late for this community, they want to keep the pressure on for legislative and corporate change with an eye to preventing this similar kind of thing from happening anywhere else. there is 13 in the works. pg&e owns three lots. it's uncertain what will happen with those and the remainder. >> what we're going to do we're not sure. might be open space and maybe there will be building on it. but we just wanted to get those out of pg&e's hands. >> there is a tug-of-war here between wanting to move on and never forget. >> eight people died here and that is where we're standing. >> i don't trust anyone, anymore. >> pg&e? i used to trust them. walking over those dots and think nothing of it. now, i can see a truck and i can't look at them. >> a number of reforms have
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been made since the explosion. the disaster revuled -- revealed a long history of lapses. jerry hill has three bills and all of them would require the cpuc to take greater responsibility in holding pg&e responsible. >> it's all of our responsibility to hold pg&e and lawmaker as ktable for ensuring safety of gas pipeline that's run beneath our homes. >> pg&e says there is no position on my of the bills but is making changes under leadership of new ceo. >> our goal is to become one of the safest operators in the nation, we know we have a long way to go until we get there. but we won't stop until we get there. >> i think they're moving in right direction but pg ask e lost its way before, for 20 years and want to make sure they don't again. >> this city is holding an
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event to mark the two year anniversary on sunday. >> and heather, thank you. >> there is opening night at the democratic national convection. an hour from now, first lady michelle obama takes the stage but first, the delegates will hear from tonight's key note speaker mayor julian castro. mark matthews is in charlotte live, covering the convention. very big night for women at dnc. >> it is. the health and human services secretary is on stage right now. and we have seen a lot of women, camela harris, barbara lee, nancy pelosi taking the stage today on the first day of the convention. and polls are out showing the president's support among women has been dropping and he is counting on women and today has been a big day for women
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starting early with the california delegation. there are all speakers here this morning were women. >> we've got to wake up. we've got a big election. wake up. >> senator boxer rallied delegates this morning by answering republican challengers favorite question. >> are we better off than we were in 2008? yes, we are. >> boxer follow bid state attorney general harris. >> he got through the affordable care act. he saved our auto industry. >> and. >> it took donna brazil to fire things up. >> you get ready to tell america... we love america. we fight for america. >> and after brazil, actress ashley judd. >> thank you. i needed to go to church! what i heard is the gospel of social justice!
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what i heard the goss pill that a woman should earn as much as a man for the same work. >> it there were a thousand or so women in the hall. >> for many of us our lives are at stake and lives of our children and grandchildren are at stake this is a big fight for us. and i'm hoping we're going to come out, big. >> tonight it will be michelle obama's turn. african american women will be head together arena early. >> i want her to make the case for the reason why her husband needs to get reelected so he can finish the work he started. >> she's thinking it's strength and i'm very, very proud. >> and from one to 10, i'd give her a 10. >> and michelle oak yaupa due to take the stage and we'll be back at 11:00 with her speech and reaction from california delegates. coming up at 6:30 tonight just
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minutes funny bit from camela harris about the hotel where delegates are staying. there is a tough time and we'll show you how staged this event is. and more than you may have thought. >> interesting. thank you very much. and abc's live coverage begins tonight at 7:00. you can get instant updates from abc 7 news mark matthews who is in charlotte as you just saw by following him on our face book page. >> still to come, falling flat on your facebook. >> who deserves the blame as stock hits another low?
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face book stop closed and that slide provoked a storm of criticism over who is to blame. abc 7 news business reporter david louie looks at the controversy. >> there is no question he bought this stock on the idea he you're not happy and you think someone should pay the price. >> facebook supposed to be a poster child for a big silicon valley resurgence. mark zuckerberg presided over the ipo in may at $38 a share, stock has been a dud, closing today at yet another record low of $17.73 a drop of over 53% in just over three months or a loss of over $50 billion in value. the "new york times" and forbes doing serious finger pointing.
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forbes blames zuckerberg p the times zeroes in on david ebersman. forbes san francisco bureau chief says it's unlikely he will be the fall guy. >> if the street having a cfo leave in cases. investors don't like uncertainty with a change in the chief financial officer. >> and face book user says they can see short comings ranging from finances to its popularity. >> there is a revenue but i'm in the convinced they've figured out how to monday tie ties -- monday yi ties that information they have. >> i think it's losing its luster but i doubt that where its currently at with stocks is going affect the common user. >> whoever is at fault, ish cues will impact the rest of the valley. >> this creates a lot of nervousness in the market. they're not going invest in
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new companies. this has taken social networking area a hot property, and put a cloud over it facebook may choose to be silent but it faces scrutiny when earnings report comes out at the end of next month. in menlo park abc 7 news. >> and apple announcement about the iphone 5 could come next week. the high tech giant sent word there will be a news conference in san francisco. the invitation shows a big 12 for september 12th and casting a shadow in the shape of a 5. next iphone expectsed to have a taller screen ask ability to access latest wireless data networks in the united states and analysts expect it to set sales records. >> we have a breaking news update for you now. this is a live story we've been following all day. i don't know, but there is the picture we want. this is the incident on the east bay. this is the jeep involved in a shootout.
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that just took a street on the tow truck. there is a shoot out involving a chp office skbrer a suspect after a traffic stop that created gridlock all day. southbound lanes almost all were reopened and they hope to have lanes reopened by about 7:00 tonight. we're going to continue to follow this and bring updates throughout the broadcast. >> 10 hours to the minute the jeep is removed from the scene. let's talk about the weather forecast just a gorgeous day around the bay area. >> and this is a beautiful day. looks like we're going to have changes during the week, we might have enough moisture fr a thunderstorm or two. there is low clouds moving in. you can see shadow of the tower on the low clouds. they move out over san francisco and most of the bay area is under sunny skies and there is clouds at the coast all day. let's take a look at live
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doppler 7 hd. you can see where low clouds and fog are at the moment. there is a closer view here, you can see there is sunny around the way bay now, readings 88 degrees in fairfield. 87 in antioch. up into north bay, 74. in santa rosa, 76. 58 here in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 71 down in san jose. 55 half moon bay. highlights, partly cloudy skies overnight. a mix of clouds and sun and there is a slight chance from tomorrow afternoon into thursday. but first take a look at overnight conditions, fog moving just locally beyond the coastline. mild overnight period with lows into low to mid. >>s and there is a this flow of dry air aloft moving through the bay area that won't last long. did you see this developing? upper level low off shore.
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it's weak. but circulation will be strong enough to pull up into our direction some subtropical moisture. the remnants of two former tropical storms. and so as the moisture flows our way. there is a possibility of a thunderstorm or two. and let's start at 7:00 this evening, that flow continues into tomorrow and it's moisture starting to reach the bay area and continue furnler into the forecast future into and there is other ingredients there is a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon, maybe a couple. tomorrow afternoon into thursday. but the storms if they've materialized would not be severe or widely -- wide spread. tomorrow, looking for sunny skies. high temperatures into low to mid-80s. 83 in cupertino. highs ranging from mid to upper 70s up to 80s in mountain view. upper 50s on the keeft. -- coast. downtown high of 66 tomorrow,
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60s into sunset district. north bay highs up to 83 in santa rosa. and near east bay, 70 in berkeley. 72 in oakland. 81 in fremont. inland east bay will be warm again, tomorrow, maybely low 90s, 92 in livermore. and brentwood z near monterey bay, looking for highs up to 70s near the bay in watsonville. 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. still with clouds moving in we'll have a little bit of a cool down thursday and friday. and into the weekend z highs into mid-80s mid to upper 70s around the bay. upper 50s conon the coast. >> thank you. >> and just ahead here, the health problems of green dayday's lead singer its forced the band to abruptly cancel
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bay area billy jo armstrong is back in los angeles tonight after a weekend health scare. he was rushed to a hospital in italy for an undisclosed emergency forcing the band to cancel a concert n los angeles he he mouthed words my voice is gone which many suspect was
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just a ruse to avoid speaking with reporter autos fire officials tell us a wildfire above glendora will not be contained until a week from thursday. the fire destroyed 3600 acres and campers and residents were evacuated over the weekend. the flames now appear to be burning on uninhabited land. firefighters relying on cooler weather ask calmer winds. and there is is a battle against mosquitoes continues in the bay area, fogging trucks will be out in parts of contra costa counties. vector control targeting and there has been several hours of may have spraiing start agent 11:00 p.m. the town of knighton will be fogged tonight. >> and we have more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 including an update on a highway shootout in the east bay that
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left an officer on life support and a major freeway shut down. >> and i've been in traffic two and a half hours, i am like stressed out. >> and taking you live to a traffic mess to see if it's clearing up now that four of the five lanes are now open. >> and democratic convention chaos in charlotte. why california delegates are losing sleep over conditions at their hotels. >> stay with us.
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we want to bring you the latest on a breaking news story ai. chp officer is on life support after a shootout with a suspect. it happened about 8:20 this morning in alamo. the suspect was killed by a second officer. and you can see from sky 7 hd, investigators have been there all day, looking for evidence. one question they have is why
6:32 pm
was the officer's car parked inside of the suspect's jeep? they're trying to piece it together with quotes gathered from cruisers dash cam as well as witness interviews. >> this is the tail end of the commute. if there was a lot of traffic going southbound as it happen there'd were a number of eye witnesses on scene who we have interviewed already. so they were all part of the investigation. >> and chp is not releasing names but said he's based out of the contra costa office in martinez, he's not expected to survive. >> and doctors are keeping him on life support to family and friends can say goodbye. >> and of course life more important than an inconvenience but waits that for thousands of people who got caught in a traffic jam created by the shut down. abc 7 news is live in alamo with that part of the story. >> right. a northbound 608 reopened about 1:00 this morning we're waiting for a lane of
6:33 pm
southbound 680 to reox but the situation here is a far cry from what drivers faced earlier. the lane closures in both directions on 680 turned onramps into off ramps and commuters tried to escape the situation that had them going nowhere. >> we had to. we're sitting there two hours. >> how weird does it sneel. >> weird. >> and that is better than sitting there. >> before the turn around, drivers were just sitting in cases, for hours. >> i have been in traffic two and a half hours. i am like stressed out and this is my pit stop. >> this became an unofficial guide to getting drivers around the closure. >> best way to mark it, make a right and. >> that took traffic on a path through downtown danville, for hours looked like a parking
6:34 pm
lot. >> this is not the optimal choice, it's not made for this number of car autos drivers found themselves in a jam. >> and we're not supposed to be here, it's like a no truck zone. we're taking a chance. we -- there is nothing else we can do. >> traffic back up was so bad it took us one hour to go three tenths of a mile on the road. and some people abandoned cars altogether. >> we had to walk her to school now. it's just jam packed now. so... what are you going to do now? at this point? >> the closure and traffic fallout have a lot of people pointing out significance of the 680 corridor. >> if we have a major catastrophe that, is scary. >> so that was jay clapper said downtown really suffered because of businesses and customers trying to get to them were paralyzed by the
6:35 pm
gridlock. in alamo, abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. >> and we'll move next to latest on a presidential race. president obama made one final campaign stop before head together convention in charlotte, north carolina appealing to younger voters in norfolk state university touching on themes, health care, and the economy. and he also criticized mitt romney saying his republican rival is not offering any new ideas to grow the economy. >> the other side may not have been eager to talk about their ideas. but on thursday night i'm going look forward to sharing mine with you and will offer what i believe is a better path forward. >> the rally was the president's fifth campaign event in swing states in just the past four days. >> abc 7 political reporter joins us from charlotte, north carolina where he is covering democratic national convention. we hear there has been hotel
6:36 pm
chaos. >> there has been. the delegates staying at the blake hotel here. the blake getting a good price, $350 a night plus taxes and fees. this weekend, some rooms had to be closed because the siding was coming off within end of the hotel. we've heard people had to be moved out of the rooms and one guy had to be moved five times, some people have no hot water smrks people have only scalding water we're going hear from state senator mark leno. and then, from caela harris, attorney general for california she made a joke out of it this morning at the breakfast meeting. >> and there are stories about this hotel off the ground. and there is a travel so far to stay at the hotel
6:37 pm
california. we know. a great sacrifice, folks are here. and you're here because you're leaders. >> great sacrifices on the part of the delegates. and i'm sure the hotel is trying to do the best they can but so far has been a bumpy ride. >> and hey, it's things are just get goinging there. the democrat goings to be able to keep their convention scripted and on point? >> you know, more so than i ever imagined. you know they've got teleprompters. and we knew that. and the cameras are all timed out. and you can see down there, california delegation is there are guys in reflective vests standing in the aisle. here is the deal.
6:38 pm
when camera comes around those two guys tell delegates how to act. wave flags and clap. act excited so tv camera will project the camera they want to see while a person is on stage. you have no idea. maybe they're face booking down there. they tell them to clap, they clap that. is what you can see at home. i'm waving my flag. >> i'm excited. >> michelle ob yaum is going to take the stage in about an hour, right now she's down there behind the stage. we'll walk down there on the way to the sky box. secret service guys turned us around extolled us you can't come back at least an hour, we figure timing is about right. >> thank you so much. >> that is fascinating. >> can't remember your pass words? >> new on abc 7 news at 6:00 michael finney tests out a service remembering them for
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these days we're doing more socializing online, meaning creating many user names and pass words. >> and michael finney has a possible solution. oo yes. doi. most of us use this same pass word over again. having smg simple like welcome. a big one is pass word. and that is not secure. how are you supposed to remember all of the
6:42 pm
combinations of letters and numbers? well, now there is a way to use hundreds of pass word was out having to remember one. >> i thought for sure this was a another person. >> last time we saw eva she'd just fallen for a phishing scam. someone pretending to be from norton security took over her computer. >> she said, oh, good. give me your credit card number. i did. >> the scammers also got her user name, and pass word experts say that could do more damage. >> they get the list of user names and try those on bank of america, on g mail. >> seth shown studies internet scams and says predators get your user name from one site will try the same log in owe to-to-break into other accounts. >> this happens every day. because people are reusing account names and pass words
6:43 pm
from one side to another. >> the wayway to foil the conartists is use a different pass word for every account, no matter how small. >> so people stay well, i couldn't possibly remember a different pass word for every site i use its no easy trick. seth points out most have dozens of internet accounts and everything from e mail to facebook, twitter, shopping and bill paying. and he has 200 accounts. >> people say i use 100 web sites. i remember 100 pass words. >> one solution is virtual lock boxes. seth uses one called key pass and it remembers all of his pass words. >> so normally i don't know any pass word autos he shows how it works and he entered his account into key pads then types a string of gibberish. he didn't know what the pass word is. he simply copies and paifts it to log in.
6:44 pm
-- pastes it. all he needs to remember is one master pass word. he says that word should be impossible to guess. >> one very secure pass word you really have got to make unguessable and really have to remember he recommends stringing together four, five unrelated words. >> correct, horse, battery staple as a master is really strong. >> one can reset the master pass word so if you forget, you lose access to accounts. seth tells us consumers should change all pass words, she did that but still worries about predator autos this is time i pull the plug, they cannot get in. >> this is free and can be down loaded to your computer, another free service called last pass can store on servers. i posted links with information on the services go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side
6:45 pm
and put in the word. >> and this is terrific, thank you. >> unusual art of lip synca. performance artist brings joan crawford back to life in a style
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
performance artist lip synca received international claim as a comedy as joan crawford. and here is abc 7 news don sanchez with a man behind the woman. >> the voice of john crawford and dramatic interpretation by lip synca. under the wig is john everson.
6:49 pm
>> to me it's one of the great icons of the 20th century. she represents the best and worst of the american dream. i'm fascinate bid contradictions. >> on stage, and lip synced a real interview talking about her children. >> it's funny but we don't have to work hard for it to be funny because she's so unintentionally amusing. >> 30 years ago ever since he saw the first drag performer he knew what he wanted to do, creating lip synca, leaving jackson, mississippi for new york. led to a off broadway show, then, san francisco. in the 90s they performed at a club called josie's juice joint. it led to magsal recognition. now, she's performing around the world.
6:50 pm
>> i haven't been to acting school. so i justifyinged this out, myself. >> september 17th the glamour will go. he'll just be himself playing piano, singing and telling stories. >> i've hung on to every bit of rubbish there is to hang on to in live. -- life. >> that is fun z expressive. >> oh, my gosh. yes. >> i sync, therefore i am. >> so i'm sinking to new depths right now. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies and warm. like today, high temperatures into low 90s, upper 50s on the coast. the accu-weather forecast shows a little bit of cooling coming out of wednesday and thursday. and thursday, we may have a thunderstorm or two.
6:51 pm
there is some subtropical moisture into the area, over the weekend pleasant weekend into next week. >> thank you
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join me tonight at 9:00, and on abc 7 news, 11:00.
6:54 pm
we're going bring you late developments of a chp officer and at 9:00, travelers frustration. is the tsa adding yet another security check at the airport? then the first lady in the spotlight tonight at the democratic national convention z mark matthews reports live from charlotte, north carolina that. and more coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> now, larry beil with sports and college football. >> yes. when is a win not really a win? and into the top spot in the ap college poll. there is saturday squeak past san jose state. there is going forward there is the stanford defense will get a boost on saturday as
6:55 pm
senior linebacker returns and he was serving a suspension for an off season dui he store his acl and says he'll be ready to go and fired up, saturday against duke. >> i just played in there since being on the field. with adrena live going on. skb i couldn't imagine this will be the last thing on my mind. >> and you can't replace his game day energy and fire. his emotion. what he brings to game day, you can't replace that. i'm excited to see it. >> cal alum still grumbling about the loss. and coach said he held out the quarterback most of the first quarter in a move that may have cost cal the game. the bears well, should be easier this week. they host southern utah on
6:56 pm
saturday. >> last year ways wauching one of the games and so, they have some talented players on the team. >> southern utah lost last week, they're not that talented. rain delayed most of the patches today including andy roddick currently stuck in a first set tie break with raen coming down. defending champion and number one ranked victoria azarenka. there is an overhand smash and then, delivering drop shots. and there is a advance here on match point. there is giants lead over l.a.
6:57 pm
with just 27 to play. and there is giants won six of the seven seven and four of the five have been a come back variety. there is mr. clutch and trying to mob a manager liked what he sees. >> this is a couple thing shows you can do it. and this is it. did they keep push something you know? things like that get contagious. also knowing that hey, we can do this. >> there is a catch by jason bresco flying over the wall with a grand slam.
6:58 pm
great positioning of the wear sign as well. >> and scanton won the game 6-2. >> great catch. >> yes. >> i like the way he popped right up. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news oo. and you can join the conversation on our facebook page. >> and from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> boop p
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